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How to read Kindle Comics

How to read Kindle Comics – YouTube

Here comes the good news for all the comic fans among you. In 2014 Amazon acquired the digital Comic platform Comixology has a catalog of about 25.000 comic books, graphic novels and mangas. It offers dedicated reading apps for Android, iOS and Kindle Fire. But you can also read comics on the Kindle. Yes – the Kindle Paperwhite screen is only monochrome and doesn’t display any colors. Sure, there are some comics that don’t make too much sense without color. But hey – Batman in Gotham city? Who needs color for that? We really love it actually. It has a feeling of Sin City? Remember the Film Noír Movie with Bruce Willis and Jessica Alba and Mickey Rourke? Too cool…

kindle comics
Batman comic on the Kindle

Opening a comic on your kindle you will see a nice feature that Amazon has developed for reading Comics. It is the panel view.

How the Panel View in Kindle comics works

Each frame of the comic book page is shown full screen on your Kindle. It is really easy to use. You don’t have to do more than double-tap on the very first panel in the book – then scroll forward as you are used to by swiping or tapping on the margin.

Tap panel to open the Panel View

With every new page you will first get an overview of the whole page without changing anything. On the next tap the Kindle zooms into the first panel and then opens one after the other.

image 1
Single panel in the Panel View

At first it is a bit of an unusual experience reading a comic book on an ereader. But if the story is good after a while you can really get into it.

How to find Kindle comics

You will find a lot of reading material if you go to the Kindle store, open all categories and browse through comics and mangas. If you are a prime member, also have a look at your Prime Reading section. My German subscription also includes a number of free Comics by Marvel, DC and a few other publishers.