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How to use Kindle Word Wise

How to use Kindle Word Wise | The Ultimate Kindle Tutorial

Amazon Kindle Word Wise is another feature that helps you understand content better. With Kindle Word Wise, you can see simple definitions and synonyms displayed inline above more difficult words while you read.

Unlike with Smart Lookup or X-Ray you don’t even have take action to look it up. A soon as you have activated the setting it will display explanations until you turn it off again.

To turn on Word Wise with in a book, go to the Reading Options / More / Word Wise.

Kindle Word Wise Settings
Activate Word Wise in the Settings of the Reading Options

In addition to activating and deactivating the Setting this Menu also allows you to choose whether you want to see only the most probable hint or a list of possible meanings.

First Steps with Kindle Word Wise

We would recommend for you to try out displaying one hint first, in our experience most of the time this is enough to grasp the meaning of the expression. This feature can also be helpful when you read a book in a foreign language – many times the hints help to understand an unknown word.

And be aware that this function will use extra power from your battery as the hints have to be loaded plus line spacing grows – this has the effect that there is less words displayed per page – resulting in more page-turns.

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