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Increase the Kindle Battery Life

How to increase the Kindle Battery Time – YouTube

Now we will show you how to increase the Kindle battery life. Because the longevity of a full battery is one of the great advantages of devices with e-paper. The Monochromatic technology needs much less energy than a Color-HD-Screen on your Smartphone. As soon as you flip to a new page, the display is basically “static” meaning it only needed the energy to display new content – now the particles of the e-paper are in place and just “sit” there. That’s why e-readers don’t need as much energy as devices with active screens.

Still – it can be annoying if you have to recharge too quickly. Especially when you are traveling, have a lot of time to read and there usually isn’t a power plug in the sand on the beach right next to your air mattress.

If you make the following 6 adjustments, you can increase your Kindle battery life to the max:

1. Use the airplane mode to turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

If you don’t need to download anything or use the browser then there is no need to have the wireless connections on. This will save a lot of energy. Just note: In case you take turns reading on the Kindle, but also on a Kindle app on your smartphone or tablet – you have to remember to turn on Wi-Fi so your kindle can automatically synchronize the reading progress to the other device.

2. Turn off the front light or minimize brightness

Minimize Screen Brightness to Increase Kindle Battery Life
Minimize Screen Brightness

Many people are not aware that the light and brightness features usually use the most energy of your device. Don’t forget to turn it off or adjust the brightness to your current need.

3. Turn off Auto-Brightness

This feature automatically adjusts the front light according to your current lighting environment. What seems very handy can actually become a problem. The light is turned up when the lighting is bright. Therefore, it is better to adjust the setting manually.

4. Use the “Nightlight”-Feature

When activated the Kindle gradually decreases screen brightness over time as your eyes adjust to the darkness.

5. Use smaller Font Sizes, less Spacing, and smaller Borders

The more text fits on a page the fewer page turns are necessary. This results in longer battery life as I explained in the beginning.

6. Adjust the Page Refresh Settings

Turn off Page Refresh to increase Kindle Battery Life
Turn off Page Refresh to increase Kindle Battery Life

The Paperwhite allows you to turn off the Page refresh settings. This means that less energy will be used if you turn a page. For a full refresh, every single dot on the page will be cleared and the new page content displayed. If you turn this off, you might experience a little “ghosting” effect – the page seems to have faint indications of the previous pages and becomes less crisp over time. But try for yourself and see whether you even recognize the difference.

Applying these 6 tips, you will save lots of battery power, increase Kindle battery life, and don’t have to worry about finding the next power socket all the time – a great feeling of freedom, isn’t it? 😉

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