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In comparison to many other electronic devices, I appreciate the Kindle Paperwhite to be very low-maintenance. And if there is ever a freeze problem or the ereader is responding very slowly most of the time the solution is simple.

Most common steps for Kindle troubleshooting

So if an e-book won’t open or stops responding there are two steps you can take: From any screen go to “Settings”/ “All Settings”, open the context menu with the three dots on the top right – and tap “Restart”. The Kindle will reboot and usually, the problem is solved. (You might know this solution from your Wi-Fi router or your PC).

In case the e-book reader doesn’t react at all and you can’t navigate to the restart-function, you have to help yourself with a hard restart. Hold down the power button for a few seconds, until the “Power”-Pop-up shows up, there you have the option to restart the device. If you don’t get that message, you need an even harder restart – so press the power button even longer until the Kindle goes blank and restarts.

How to deal with corrupted e-books or other documents

In some rare cases, the problem won’t go away, and if it recurs with the same book, the book file might be corrupted. In that case, remove the book from the ereader. If you bought it from Amazon you can download it again from the cloud view of your library. In case you got the book from somewhere else you might want to make a backup before you remove it. The easiest way to remove an item from your Paperwhite is by long-tapping the book in the library view. The pop-up shows you the option to “Remove from the Device”.

Kindle troubleshooting - Remove corrupted file
You can remove a corrupted e-book from the Kindle

If this doesn’t work you can still try two other ways:

1. Go to your Library online and delete the book there (how this works will be explained in the next chapter)

2. Connect the Kindle to your computer via USB. The Kindle will be displayed like an external hard drive. Navigate to “Documents” / “Downloads” / then “Items”. There you will find a file with the title of your book plus a folder with the same title that contains book content. Delete both and then eject the Kindle from your computer. You might have to restart it again to see if it works now.

More helpful resources

In case you encounter further problems go to, pick the Kindle-Forum and search for an answer there.

Another very good address on the internet is Pick your device from the navigation. There are a lot of experts on this platform who share their knowledge with other users. I am pretty sure you will find help in one place or another.

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