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The Ultimate Kindle Paperwhite Tutorial 2020

New Kindle Tutorial 2020

The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite has more than 150 different functions & settings. Not all of them are important. But if you want get the most out of using your Amazon Kindle, we will show you the ones you definitely need to know – plus many additional tips & tricks.

In the 7 sections of the Kindle Tutorial you will learn to

  1. Master your Device – Be in control of important & hidden functions, so you are in charge of your device, not the other way around.
  2. Increase your Productivity – The Kindle can be an excellent tool for private and professional study – you will learn how to use it for that purpose.
  3. Get even smarter 😉 – Reading in itself already makes us smarter – the Kindle has several functions that even enhance that experience.
  4. Have more Fun – There are ways to even increase the fun you already have – I’ll show you how.
  5. Socialize using your Kindle – Sounds like a contradiction? No! Use the Paperwhite to reach out to family & friends or to even make new friends around the globe!
  6. Protect your Privacy – Everyone is concerned about data protection on their smartphones & computers – I wonder why nobody seems to care about everything the Kindle/ Amazon knows about us!? Learn to chose the right settings.
  7. Save lots of Money – Last but not least – I will introduce you to different ways to saving on digital content over time – especially when you read a lot.

You would like to learn about the content in detail?

Here are all the lessons of the Kindle Tutorial in detail:

  1. Master your Device
    1. Increase Kindle Battery Life
      1. Set up the Kindle in an optimal way for the longest possible battery life
    2. How to use the Kindle Touch Screen
      1. Learn the moves on the touchscreen that open hidden menus
    3. Take Screenshots
      1. There are situations when a screenshot can be very helpful – learn how to take screenshots and transfer the images to your computer
    4. Troubleshooting
      1. Learn to handle the Kindle when it freezes or reacts very slowly
      2. Deal with content that is broken & doesn’t open or can’t be deleted
    5. Change the Default Dictionary
      1. Learn to install new dictionaries
      2. Change/ set the default dictionary
  1. Increase your Productivity
    1. Highlights, Notes & personalized Summaries
      1. Use highlights & notes in an optimal way
      2. Create personalized book summaries for work or study – improve your study skills
    2. Send E-Mails to your Kindle
      1. Find out your Kindle’s e-mail address
      2. Allow friends & colleagues to send documents to your device
    3. The Kindle “Send-to” Extension
      1. Use all available ways to send content to your Kindle
      2. Send content directly from your browser, office software, or desktop
      3. Send content from your Android or iOS devices
    4. Manage your Library Online
      1. Control your services & apps settings
      2. Register/ deregister devices
      3. Edit your Kindle e-mail address
      4. Edit your content sharing preferences
  2. Get even smarter 😉
    1. Learn a Language
      1. Use the Kindle to learn a language & improve your reading skills
      2. Find the appropriate content in the language
      3. Improve your understanding & translation skills
      4. Memorize new words with the vocabulary builder
    2. Use X-Ray
      1. Get the most out of the X-Ray feature
    3. How to use Kindle Word Wise
      1. Use & set up the Word Wise function in the best possible way
      2. Screen book content
      3. Edit the Word Wise view
  3. Have even more Fun
    1. Read free News with the Browser
      1. Use the browser & read your favorite free news & other content online
      2. Convert your favorite websites & blogs into a hassle-free Kindle reading format
      3. All of this without extra software on your computer
    2. Enjoy Kindle Comics
      1. Find cheap of free comics in the Kindle Store
      2. Use the Comic Panel View
    3. Use Reading Helpers
      1. Find & use the right reading helpers that make your reading experience more relaxed for your hands, neck & shoulders
  4. Socialize using your Kindle
    1. Lend or borrow E-Books
      1. Use the Kindle lending feature
      2. Exchange books on online communities like Booklending or Lendle
      3. Join lending groups on Facebook
    2. Use Social Sharing Functions
      1. Share your notes, highlights with your friends
      2. The social reading advantages of Goodreads (share books, recommendations, book clubs, readings lists)
      3. Connect Goodreads with your Kindle
      4. Optimize your privacy settings on the platform
  5. Protect your Privacy
    1. Set a Passcode
      1. Set the right passcode to protect the content on your device
    2. Delete Content from the Cloud
      1. Organize your content in the cloud
      2. Delete critical content for good
    3. Optimize the Privacy Settings
      1. Adjust your privacy settings in case other people have access to your device
    4. Delete Wi-Fi Passwords
      1. The Kindle stores all Wi-Fi networks & passwords you logged in to
      2. Delete these e.g. for your network at the workplace
  6. Save lots of Money
    1. Subscribe to Kindle Daily Deals
      1. Subscribe to the Amazon Kindle Daily Deals Newsletter & save up to 80% on special offers
      2. The available genres are romance, science fiction, non-fiction & books for young readers
    2. Get Alerts on Price Drops
      1. There are tools that monitor the development of e-book prices
      2. Learn how to activate alerts on your favorite titles and authors
    3. Get Free E-Books
      1. Get to know sources for free e-books around the Web and in the Amazon store
    4. Get Bestsellers from your Local Library
      1. Learn how to lend e-books from your local library (mainly US – requires Overdrive membership)

These lessons will help you become a pro in the use of your Kindle and make the use of the e-reader much more fun & effective!

Looking forward to seeing you in the course!

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Instructor Bio:

Frank is a book enthusiast and has been an entrepreneur and consultant in the digital industry for over 20 years.

His comprehensive Kindle tutorial has been among Amazon’s Top 100 self-published titles in Germany. His IT tutorial e-books have been sold over 30.000 times in Europe & the US.

He has co-founded readfy, the world’s first reading app with ad-sponsored content & has many years of experience in public speaking & teaching.