How to read free News with the Kindle

How to read free News with the Kindle – YouTube

Every Kindle has a browser that makes it possible to use the available Wi-Fi or 3G-connection (in case you have a Kindle with 3G) to surf the internet. The browser has been labeled as “experimental” by Amazon for many years now. The company doesn’t seem to be very interested in creating a great browsing experience for us Kindle users. Sure – it could distract us from buying content in their store. As a result, it is still very slow and cannot read all types of websites, depending on which code is used.

There is one use case, though, that to me makes a lot of sense and uses the Kindle’s strength of making reading a great experience. I am talking about surfing news-pages that are optimized for mobile devices or small bandwidth wherever broadband is not available.

Read free news with the Kindle – Mobile Sites

For example, CNN is one of the websites that offer a text-only news website. The URL is Upon opening the website you get a very easy-to-read overview page with all current articles. The articles can be opened by tapping the headline. In the article view then open the context menu and choose “Article Mode”. Now you can enjoy an excellent reading experience without any distraction. No advertising, no surveys, no videos interrupting your reading. This is digital minimalism at its best. – Create mobile news pages from your favorite websites

There are a few more websites that offer this kind of text-only-view. I want to show you a trick, though, that allows you to create a minimalist view of many websites you like: Open your browser and enter This website provides a collection of links to accessible websites that can be read in the Paperwhite browser:

NewsNew York Times, Washington Post, Fox, BBC
SportsSports IllustratedMLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, FIFA
FunE!, Perez Hilton, The Onion, Rolling Stone

It also has another service. You can enter any URL in one of the form fields and render it for mobile use. The service that this script uses is provided by Google and is called Googleweblight.

read free news with the kindle
Create your mobile sites with

It is designed for Website-Developers who want to make sure their users have a great surfing experience even with a slow internet connection. So they provide this mobile-optimized version of the site. But hey – why not use the service for our own purposes on the Kindle Browser? I would suggest you bookmark his website so you can use it any time you like.

Now you are actually using a feature that both Amazon and Google didn’t want you to know about. That’s pretty cool, isn’t it? This way all of us can feel a little like hackers. 😉

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